About Us

Cumayne Constructions is a third-generation, family run building company based in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. Established in 1957, we have experience in all aspects of commercial and residential construction spanning over 60 years. Through the implementation of our specialised equipment and experience, we offer a level of service that is hard to beat.

We pride ourselves on establishing clear communication between our clients, as I believe it’s the key to exceeding our clients expectations and delivering our projects efficiently. We also like to build a personal relationship with our clients, to build trust, enabling us to suggest our recommendation and solutions during the entire project.

Finally, quality craftsmanship is what drives us Cumayne. We definitely will not be the cheapest builders you’ll come across, and whilst we’ll work with you to come up with something that fits within your budget, we don’t compromise on quality craftsmanship, as that is what will continue to bring you joy and satisfaction for many years to come.

Foundations are set to be built upon, we’re no different.

Cumayne Constructions is a third-generation family business based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and working everywhere else. 

Like most families, we’ve seen our fair share of challenges, ours tend to involve weather and rock but that’s never deterred us from delivering high-quality projects across the commercial and residential sectors.

We pair experience with instinct, tools with technique to deliver elevated projects with a social conscious and functional approach.

Every project starts with someone and ends in something to grow into – a foundation you can build upon.